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Managed Network Services

For a number of organizations, having an IT department is simply a luxury they can not afford even though their information technology systems are essential to successful operation of the enterprise. What should you do? Some try to get by using "that guy" on staff that seems to know a few things about computers. But "that guy" typically has several other more important responsibilities and is just working with the computers on the side because somebody has to make it work. With all the threats to information and all the things that can go wrong, is "that guy" really the one you want handling desktop management, keeping all the software patched and updated not to mention making sure all the backups work properly? Today, you need a professional to keep all your systems running efficiently.

The Nexus Group can take on the role of your IT department for a small fraction of the salary and HR costs of hiring someone to do the job. We have certified experts on staff that can deal with any situation you face.

If you have "that guy" running your information technology, your organization is probably heading for a disaster. We should talk.

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