Small and Medium Business

Small and Medium Businesses are our specialty.  Here at The Nexus Group you are the focus.  Just like our large enterprise customers, you will receive top-flight technical support based right here in Tennessee.

Let’s talk about future success
A sign reading, "Come in, we're open," posted in the window of a small business.

You’re Not Too Small For Us

The Nexus Group provides a wide variety of excellent services for small and medium businesses.  Not only do we provide 24/7 monitoring and support, we can tailor that support to fit your small business needs. We recognize that growing your small business can be challenging, and choosing the right business partner is critical. Our approach is simple; we take your success personally. At the end of the day, if you succeed, we succeed.

Simplify your business

Instead of multiple bills for each of your locations, you will receive only one monthly bill from Nexus — less paperwork and one telecommunications vendor means less headaches!  And when your network has a problem anywhere in your system, you just have to make one phone call — to us.

A business meeting reviewing data on paper and via tablet.

Safeguard Your Data

Our data centers are built and equipped to operate at the highest standards of security for your data. Our network security includes 24/7 security monitoring, vulnerability scanning, intrusion prevention, anti-virus protection, website monitoring, and much more.

If your business data is important to your success as an organization, contact us.

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