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Nexus Hosted Voice is a hosted voice service combining your company’s Internet and Telephony. Unlike other VoIP services, we use managed networks to ensure True Business Class Reliability. With a cloud-based voice solution, your businesses phone calls travel over your broadband data network rather than the conventional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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Nexus can deliver an advanced local and long distance voice solution for businesses throughout Tennessee. Our solution can be delivered over facilities managed by Nexus, which never touch the public Internet, resulting in superior call quality and security. Our Hosted Voice Service is feature rich and extremely high quality. The service requires no on-premise phone systems; all of the features and switching are done in the cloud.

Nexus Hosted Voice provides a feature rich and fully hosted voice service that can improve productivity and save your business money. The service is an easy to use, unified communication platform – based in the Cloud with no maintenance requirements.

Our solution utilizes Polycom or Mitel phones. The service has an advanced web portal that allows the administrator and end users to make changes on the fly. Features include conference bridges, auto attendant, hunt groups, and multiple line appearances.

Advanced features of our Hosted Voice service include:

  • A full-featured, hosted phone solution that delivers an enterprise-grade communication system to your business, and is hosted within the Nexus network.

  • The service includes calling plans for local, regional and long distance calls and has over 60 features (such as ACD, mobile phone twinning, mobile applications, auto-attendant, hot-desking, call coverage and call monitoring, etc.).
  • Our solution provides automatic system upgrades, and an easy-to-use Web portal to manage the service.
  • Feature Rich: Nexus Hosted Voice includes over 60 features that enable your business to customize the solution to meet your specific needs. It also includes a website/portal that gives employees and/or system administrator’s direct control over the system and preferences–eliminating the need for expensive maintenance contracts.

  • Reliable / Disaster Avoidance & Recovery: Nexus Hosted Voice maintains connections with your customers, employees and partners in the event of a crisis because our switch is in the Cloud. Plan and prepare for business continuity to avoid expensive disaster recovery with our award-winning Hosted Phone system that unifies all your communications in the cloud. Send and receive faxes and voicemail and make/take calls anytime, anywhere and from any device for truly uninterrupted operations.

One touch web site control

  • Maintain all aspects of phone system all on one intuitive website that’s secure, mobile friendly and completely customizable.

  • Moves, adds and changes are easily performed in-house and with minimal IT training saving you time and money.

  • Listen to voicemail from anywhere, self manage your phone system.

  • Re-route your calls from anywhere to satisfy your last minute business needs.

Costs less to start, and less to maintain

  • Very little capital required
  • No maintenance contracts and LOW monthly fees

  • Setup, installation, and 24/7 support included

Go anywhere and stay connected

  • Turn any laptop, smartphone, your home phone, or any other phone into your business phone and work from anywhere, anytime.

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