Data Backup/Disaster Recovery

The Nexus Group offers you cost effective options to ensure that your data is safe and your application servers are available. We would welcome the opportunity to review your disaster recovery plan with you, lending our perspective and experience to your efforts to assure continuity for your business.


  • Multiple Certified BC/DR specialists on staff

  • Redundant configuration (logical, and physical)

  • VEEAM backup platform

  • Bare metal backup available

  • SLA based service

  • Web console for either customer management of back up / testing / recovery or Nexus can manage.

  • You know where your data resides

As part of a disaster recovery plan, you should…

  • Backup your data into our data center.

  • Pre-purchase “reservations” for suites in our disaster recovery area as a subscription, reducing your cash outlay in a crisis. When you need it most, you can access your data via ethernet and your telephone via VoIP in less than an hour.

  • Co-locate or house your server in our data center.

  • Let us host your server virtually.

  • Let us manage your server.

One of the key benefits of working with the Nexus Group is that you will know where in the cloud your data is stored. When your need to recover critical data and not waste valuable time, we are only a phone call away.

If your business data is important to your success as an organization, contact us.

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