Threat and Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability can be defined as a defect or bug that allows an external entity to directly or indirectly influence the availability, reliability, confidentiality or integrity of a system, application, or data.  New vulnerabilities appear daily because of software flaws, faulty configuration of applications, and human error. When discovered, these can be exploited, resulting in erratic program behavior, illicit network entry, privacy violations, and interrupted business operations.

Computer Fingers are attacking the mainframe

Nexus Services

  • Attack and Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Web Application Security Testing

  • Conducting an asset inventory; find hidden data sources

  • Determine what hardware underlies applications and data

  • Threat modeling to underscore which threats pose the most risk to business services

  • Ongoing vulnerability monitoring of your critical data to keep your business running.

  • Mapping the network infrastructure that connects your hardware

  • Applying business and technology context to scanner results

Nexus provides a successful Threat and Vulnerability Management Program that may include a comprehensive, well-maintained asset inventory, vulnerability management processes that incorporate threat modeling, integration with enterprise risk management processes, and penetration testing.

By understanding the risks that vulnerabilities pose, organizations can be proactive about developing and implementing the appropriate measures. Ultimately, this program will reduce the potential impact to critical services and ensure the business survives.

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