Security Architecture and Infrastructure Design

Nexus Secure Services assists its customers by developing a cohesive design that addresses the potential risks involved in certain scenarios or environments that threat actors are likely to exploit. A strategic and effective enterprise security architecture of today needs to be based on Defense in Depth, a concept used to describe layers of defense strategies. The components at each layer work in tandem to provide one cohesive security mechanism.

Nexus Services

  • Apply proven design methodologies to develop secure architectures

  • Review your information security business goals, objectives, and requirements

  • Identify and analyze architecture and design vulnerabilities

  • Control system interfaces to the enterprise network

  • Attack detection/prevention and security monitoring

  • Remote access connectivity for support & third party access

  • Redundancy and disaster recovery

  • Develop sample configurations for firewalls, NAC devices, threat mitigation devices, intrusion detection systems, endpoint protection, routers, switches, VPNs, access-control servers, wireless devices, and security management tools

  • Provide recommendations for the ongoing management and maintenance of the security solution

Our structured approach saves time, resources, and money by providing actionable “to do’s” combined with decades of security experience in supporting an increased security posture. Whether motivated by the evolving threat landscape or meeting compliance mandates, we can identify gaps in your security policies, architecture or controls that may put your organization’s critical assets at risk.

If your business data is important to your success as an organization, contact us.

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