Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet services offer solutions for transmitting high volume traffic over a private network, including high capacity Internet use. For clients with high capacity or high growth needs, The Nexus Group can provide Metro Ethernet solutions to future-proof your network. For businesses who require the flexibility to increase bandwidth on demand, Metro Ethernet can offer burstable options to ensure bandwidth when you most need it.

Ethernet cables


  • Fast and reliable dedicated high speed Internet Access for mission critical applications.
  • Bandwidth options from 10Mbps, up to 10Gbps.


  • 24/7 Local Support, Router Monitoring and Service.
  • Flat or Burstable rate plans available.
  • Real-time circuit usage monitoring.
  • Router configuration and mainteannce
  • Static IP Addresses.
  • Web-based reporting and monitoring.
  • Service Level Agreement to assure fast and reliable service.

Not so long ago, a T1 connection was the fastest vehicle available for delivering data services. It is still a viable good option for many organizations. But there are other organizations that have a greater need, or are growing so fast, that they need more bandwidth to carry out daily operations.  Other businesses require the flexibility of having extra bandwidth available on occasions that they need it.

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