SEG – Secure Email Gateway

Over half of all malware leading to security incidents are delivered via email. Are you properly securing your email infrastructure from a potentially devistating data breach? Nexus employs top-tier antivirus and phishing detection technology at the edge with real-time updates to detect the latest threats.

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  • Anti-Spam / Anti-Malware / Anti-Phishing

  • Real-Time Sandboxing

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Message Archiving

  • High Performance

The Nexus Group’s Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is designed to block ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats seeking entry to your network via incoming email, while ensuring that outgoing messages don’t improperly leak sensitive data. These are critical capabilities given that two-thirds of malware are installed via email attachments. Email was also the most common entry point for ransomware, costing organizations an estimated $850 million last year. The Nexus Group’s SEG also helps ensure compliance with a wide range of data privacy regulations and corporate mandates to protect intellectual property.

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