Network Connectivity

The Nexus Group has a long history of providing high-speed, wide area networks (WANs) and Internet access to the most demanding customers in the state of Tennessee. We offer superior, and most importantly, reliable dedicated connections and high speed Internet access for your organization’s mission critical applications.

We currently serve over 300 business customers – many in the financial services and healthcare industries. The Financial and Healthcare organizations that we serve are some of the most exacting in the State – requiring customized, high bandwidth, and extremely secure network infrastructure. They all have stringent internal and external regulations governing their communications networks – and Nexus meets them all.

ethernet cables

Many of these organizations have similar needs/network architecture requirements.

  • They require dedicated connections between multiple locations including a hub site that delivers high-bandwidth internet connectivity to all of their other locations.
  • Nexus has wholesale arrangements with almost  all of the major telecommunications carriers in the country – Comcast, Charter (Spectrum), AT&T, XO, CenturyLink (Level 3).

  • We utilize the best carrier or multiple carriers for each customer’s location, budget, and bandwidth requirements. We then engineer and deliver a Managed Network Solution that includes: 24/7 Network monitoring, local support and service.

  • Service Level Agreements to assure your organization of fast and reliable service.

If your business data is important to your success or failure as an organization, contact us.

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